Technology 537 days ago
Software Testing 101: Types, Objectives, And Pros

A software product’s functionality is crucial to a business’s reputation. This is why companies worldwide are constantly looking for reliable testing teams to ensure their applications are flawless. As a result, the Software Testing market is expected to reach $70 billion by 2030. However, failing to test software properly can lead to costly bugs and […]

Technology 539 days ago
Top Frontend Frameworks For Web Development In 2023

In today’s market, user experience is of the utmost importance for any business. As a developer, the simplicity of the user interface is often a key focus of any project brief. Despite the complexity of the functions and operations happening behind the scenes, the end user’s experience must be smooth and seamless. This is a […]

Technology 540 days ago
Regression Testing: An Overview Of Test Cases, Tools, And Methods

In 2016, Nest Thermostat encountered a significant setback when an upgrade caused its software to malfunction across all devices. This unfortunate incident occurred during one of the coldest weekends, leaving customers without heat. The root cause of this problem was the need for proper Regression Testing before the software upgrade was implemented. Testing is often […]

Technology 542 days ago
Best Android Accessibility Tools For Users

Android offers a wide range of accessibility tools for individuals with visual, auditory, and mobility impairments. These tools include dynamic font enlargement, a more prominent element display, and built-in magnification. The Android ecosystem also supports libraries and the addition of Jetpack Compose, with each new version providing more out-of-the-box solutions. Currently, developers mainly need to […]

Technology 543 days ago
How Augmented Human Intelligence Can Enhance Our Lives With Machines

The advancement of technology has simplified our lives. It has also significantly increased our reliance on electronic devices. MIT Media Lab works to enhance how people engage with technology. Pattie Maes, MIT Media Lab professor, AI scientist, and pioneer in human-computer interfaces stated that the digital technologies we take for granted today may not always […]