Technology 200 days ago
Micro Frontend Architecture: Best Practices in 2023

Introduction to Micro Frontend As web applications grow in complexity and scale, so does the need for effective frontend architecture. Micro frontend is a relatively new approach to frontend architecture that addresses these challenges by breaking down the frontend into smaller, more manageable components. In this article, we will discuss Micro Frontend architecture, its benefits, […]

Technology 212 days ago
Generative AI Services for Startups : A Ultimate Guide

Introduction to Generative AI Services Generative AI Services is an AI development service that enables companies to create AI models that generate new, unique data based on existing data. This type of AI service can be used to develop chatbots, personalized content, and even predict customer behaviour. Generative AI Services provide a cost-effective and scalable […]

Technology 317 days ago
How Augmented Human Intelligence Can Enhance Our Lives With Machines

The advancement of technology has simplified our lives. It has also significantly increased our reliance on electronic devices. MIT Media Lab works to enhance how people engage with technology. Pattie Maes, MIT Media Lab professor, AI scientist, and pioneer in human-computer interfaces stated that the digital technologies we take for granted today may not always […]