Culture 540 days ago
Cost Of Hiring A Remote Angular Developer

Deciding on a Javascript framework like Angular for building your web application can be time-consuming, and hiring a developer can also be daunting. While Angular offers many benefits, it also has limitations that must be considered when hiring a developer. To ensure a successful project, hiring an Angular Developer with the proper skill set is […]

Culture 540 days ago
Ethical Responsibility: Why Tech Leaders Should Keep It In-House

Tech companies, as the clear beneficiaries of digital acceleration, must take responsibility for their actions and proactively address Ethical concerns. Establishing an in-house ethics committee is a step in the right direction. The tech industry often touts the positive impact of technology on society but is less willing to acknowledge the potential negative consequences. This […]

Culture 541 days ago
Uncovering The Unknown: A Guide To Cross-Cultural User Research

With the increasingly global reach of products and services, companies must be aware of their target audience’s diverse and complex nature. One effective way to achieve this is through cross-cultural user research. But what exactly is cross-cultural user research? And why are more and more companies turning to this method to gain a deeper understanding […]

Culture 543 days ago
How To Build A Successful Engineering Culture For Your Team

The business culture is only one aspect of engineering culture. The fantastic achievements of top IT businesses are primarily the result of a system of rituals, laws, and beliefs that an engineering team adheres to. Knowing The “Reason” Behind An Engineering Culture There are a few key reasons why individuals who contribute to organizations and […]

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Building Stronger Teams Through Knowledge Sharing: The Frontend Coffee Approach

At WTA Studios, we understand the importance of knowledge sharing in the workplace. It is the foundation of our organization’s operations and the key to building a knowledge-based culture. Our team’s skills directly impact the quality of service we deliver to our customers. One of the ways we foster skill growth within our technical teams […]