Product Mindset 440 days ago
Cost Of An App Development In 2023: A Comprehensive Guide

The phrase “there’s an app for everything” rings true. As of Q2 2022, the Google Play Store offers over 3.5 million mobile apps, and the Apple App Store boasts 2.2 million. The Statista Digital Market Outlook predicts that the mobile app market revenue will reach $613 billion by 2025. With mobile App Development becoming a […]

Product Mindset 445 days ago
9 Use Cases For Flutter: What Kinds Of Projects Is It Ideal For?

Flutter, a popular mobile app development framework, has rapidly increased usage, with over 500,000 apps built and released using it. This is due to its ability to create visually stunning projects beyond mobile apps. With the recent addition of web, Windows, macOS, and Linux support, businesses can take advantage of Flutter’s feature parity, composability, and […]

Product Mindset 445 days ago
Differences Between iPhone And Android Users

Smartphones are constantly evolving, with new models released by both Apple and Android brands. While consumers and experts debate the pros and cons of each platform, businesses must consider the differences in features, pricing, technical specs, and performance when building a mobile app. Additionally, it’s essential to understand the distinct user personas of iPhone And […]

Product Mindset 451 days ago
The Importance Of Validation For Achieving Product Success

We all want to make the most of our time and resources, yet many of us fall into the trap of creating products without validating if they will meet the needs of our target audience. This leads to wasted effort and finances on ideas that may be interesting to solve but do not serve a […]

Product Mindset 452 days ago
Optimizing Digital Product UX: 10 Best Practices

Creating a fully optimized digital product that addresses user needs and adapts to changes can be achieved by following critical UX best practices. These practices guide your collaboration with UX designers to enhance your product’s user experience and gain a competitive edge. But what is UX design? And what actions can you take to optimize […]

Product Mindset 452 days ago
Creating User-Friendly Products: A Guide To Accessibility Testing

Accessibility testing is an essential aspect of creating digital products that are inclusive and user-friendly. This article delves into two types of accessibility testing: accessibility audits and usability testing for accessibility. By conducting these tests, not only can you ensure fair access for individuals with disabilities and impairments, but you can also mitigate legal risks […]

Product Mindset 453 days ago
Rapid Application Development: A Closer Look

Rapid Application Development (RAD) is a methodology that allows businesses to efficiently and flexibly develop projects, enabling them to test functionality without disrupting their production pipeline. The ability to quickly release bug-free projects has long been a challenge for businesses, particularly in fast-paced industries where customer requirements constantly shift. In this article, we will explore […]