Design 330 days ago
UI UX Case Study : Mindspeller

About the project Mindspeller has developed a human-centric AI to uncover the intuitive mind, driving 95% of consumer behavior. Mindspeller helps connect brands with their audience by crowdsourcing and mapping associations that correlate with split second electrical activity in the brain. Brand Positioning. Reimagined. The human-centric AI that gets your brand exactly where it needs […]

Design 396 days ago
Integration Testing: Definition, Tools, And Examples Explained

Integration Testing is an essential part of the software testing process. It helps to validate the integrity of the entire application before it undergoes rigorous system testing. Poor testing quality can result in significant monetary losses for software organizations, as well as a loss of user trust. To avoid these issues, organizations place a high […]

Design 405 days ago
Optimizing Admin Panel Design: Techniques And Tools

Admin panel design is a crucial aspect of software development that is often overlooked. While it may not be intended for end-users, providing a well-designed and user-friendly Admin Panel can significantly contribute to a business’s overall user experience and success. A well-designed Admin Panel empowers those working behind the scenes to make decisions that can […]

Design 405 days ago
Understanding Digital Accessibility

Digital accessibility is not just a nice-to-have but a necessity for anyone providing digital services, products, or devices. With 20% of the world’s population experiencing some form of disability, neglecting Digital Accessibility means potentially alienating a significant portion of your target market. A positive trend is emerging within businesses, with 78% confirming that Digital Accessibility […]

Product Mindset 405 days ago
Creating User-Friendly Products: A Guide To Accessibility Testing

Accessibility testing is an essential aspect of creating digital products that are inclusive and user-friendly. This article delves into two types of accessibility testing: accessibility audits and usability testing for accessibility. By conducting these tests, not only can you ensure fair access for individuals with disabilities and impairments, but you can also mitigate legal risks […]

Product Insights 406 days ago
Product Anti-Patterns: How To Avoid Them

A good Product strategy can prevent disaster in digital product development. Priorities frequently change without a clear direction or purpose, and Products may not meet customer needs. This can lead to Product failure and even the downfall of a business. It’s crucial for product leaders to create comprehensive strategies and effectively communicate them to teams. […]

Product Insights 406 days ago
Crafting A Roadmap For MVP: A Step-By-Step Guide

Creating a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is a strategic approach to testing the viability of an idea with minimal effort. It helps product managers identify the most important features to focus on for achieving product success and cater to the needs of target customers. This guide provides a step-by-step approach to creating an MVP development […]

Design 406 days ago
Building A Web App: 3 Key Things To Consider

The Triple Constraint, also known as the Iron Triangle or Project Triangle, is a critical concept in project management. In web development, it is crucial to keep in mind the three most important factors: scope, time, and budget. The complexity of web development can be overwhelming, with various components such as product features, monetization models, […]

Product Mindset 406 days ago
Rapid Application Development: A Closer Look

Rapid Application Development (RAD) is a methodology that allows businesses to efficiently and flexibly develop projects, enabling them to test functionality without disrupting their production pipeline. The ability to quickly release bug-free projects has long been a challenge for businesses, particularly in fast-paced industries where customer requirements constantly shift. In this article, we will explore […]

Culture 406 days ago
How To Build A Successful Engineering Culture For Your Team

The business culture is only one aspect of engineering culture. The fantastic achievements of top IT businesses are primarily the result of a system of rituals, laws, and beliefs that an engineering team adheres to. Knowing The “Reason” Behind An Engineering Culture There are a few key reasons why individuals who contribute to organizations and […]