Design 316 days ago
Building A Web App: 3 Key Things To Consider

The Triple Constraint, also known as the Iron Triangle or Project Triangle, is a critical concept in project management. In web development, it is crucial to keep in mind the three most important factors: scope, time, and budget. The complexity of web development can be overwhelming, with various components such as product features, monetization models, […]

Culture 316 days ago
How To Build A Successful Engineering Culture For Your Team

The business culture is only one aspect of engineering culture. The fantastic achievements of top IT businesses are primarily the result of a system of rituals, laws, and beliefs that an engineering team adheres to. Knowing The “Reason” Behind An Engineering Culture There are a few key reasons why individuals who contribute to organizations and […]

Culture 316 days ago
Building Stronger Teams Through Knowledge Sharing: The Frontend Coffee Approach

At WTA Studios, we understand the importance of knowledge sharing in the workplace. It is the foundation of our organization’s operations and the key to building a knowledge-based culture. Our team’s skills directly impact the quality of service we deliver to our customers. One of the ways we foster skill growth within our technical teams […]

Innovation 317 days ago
Empowering Ownership: A Symposium On Self-Organization And Problem-Solving In Business

Experts discovered the concept of Open Space Technology during Agile Coach Camp Poland, an event where it has been consistently implemented for several years. The potential it holds made a significant impression on experts, leading to the decision to implement it in their practice. This article is based on the preparations experts took alongside Kamil […]

Market Insights 317 days ago
5 Digital Acceleration Trends That Will Shape The Future: What To Expect In 2023

The pandemic and economic uncertainty may have caused uncertainty and apprehension, but in the digital world, progress continues to move forward at a rapid pace. Both consumers and businesses can now experience, share, and do more than ever, thanks to the convenience and flexibility of online platforms. The trend towards non-linearity and fluidity can be […]

Technology 317 days ago
How Augmented Human Intelligence Can Enhance Our Lives With Machines

The advancement of technology has simplified our lives. It has also significantly increased our reliance on electronic devices. MIT Media Lab works to enhance how people engage with technology. Pattie Maes, MIT Media Lab professor, AI scientist, and pioneer in human-computer interfaces stated that the digital technologies we take for granted today may not always […]

Innovation 317 days ago
How To Beat The Tech Talent Squeeze In 2023: 6 Proven Strategies

In the current economic climate, with rising costs and increased job turnover, one of the biggest mistakes a company can make in Talent Acquisition is neglecting the potential of its internal workforce and sticking to outdated methods. To remain competitive and adapt to digital acceleration, adopting a flexible, agile approach and exploring new strategies is […]